Friday, October 12, 2012

Learning to See Project, Final Post

The large picture above is my final product. I tried to convey the architecture and nature's differences by shading them differently. I drew the tress in a dark, jaggedly manner as the architecture is less dark, smooth and soothing. I thought I did a pretty good good of varying their different shades. The trees are significantly darker.
The pictures above are the process:
One day I was just drawing hoping I would find something interesting i would want my final product to be and as I was drawing the picture in the middle right I noticed I was actually good. I became passionate in the architecture and trees and wanted to explore it more.   I then started to practice LINE inside the tress, not only the outline. Then I decided I wanted to trees and building to be different and thats how they got their differences.

1. At first it was hard for me to explore line, i was just drawing the outlines and then I caught on and started to draw contour lines. I experimented with different patterns of line in the contour and finally I found some I like and that is what is in my final product.
2. Positive and negative space was easy to do in my first silhouette, as seen in the first picture. There are some experimental contour lines but my original idea was just the silhouette. Negative and positive spaces can also be seen in my final product in the trees as you can see through some of the contour lines.
3. I mastered craft in my silhouette fairly well. I started to focus a lot on just my one line. Each and every line had meaning which brought good products.

personal expression questions
1. I found my pencil very comfortable during this assessment. I didn't like the ink because it didn't resemble my hand and my ideas I wanted to be depicted. I also liked the free hand motions, not the rigid unfree lines. My contour lines were very free and it made my trees look more natural.
2. I represented them very freely as I did above. My bad habit is to try to make all my shapes perfect and it makes it look unnatural and weird. My goal is to make my lines and shapes free and natural. I try to put my emotions into my work.
3. My strengths are experimenting with nature and finding something i like to draw. During this project, I discovered i like to draw building and I made my project around them. I found my strengths are geometric lines.

overall, I liked this project for I found many of my new strengths.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Second Intern Post

This is my sketch of geometric architecture and nature. Going forward, I am going to print a picture of the actual view I had when I drew This and separate nature and architecture.  I will do that by painting one of them black by generating negative and positive space. I think when its done it will look very good, and the separation of nature and architecture will be astonishing and hopefully easily noticeable.