Thursday, December 20, 2012

My artist: Mark Rothko

Hello, My name Is Mark Rothko. In my amazing art I am trying to give the viewer a spoon of emotions. My goal is to make the viewer cry and have sad emotions. My art has a lot of color, all of which are layered. I like to use darker colors which help give that negative sad emotion. If I were to use bright colors it would make the viewer happy. I am not that into conveying an actual image, like a tree. But I am into conveying something very simple, almost too simple. Boring dark colored squares vibrating against each other under multiple sheets of color. Almost as if you are looking through something to barely see it. I like to use very thin oil paints, they are easy to see through. When i do a painting I draw an original shape then layer it with different colors, I keep layering until I can barely make out the shape.
Here are some of my best, the emotions they carry are tremendous. The dark colors make me cries my eyes out. The shapes vibrate against each other.