Friday, September 21, 2012

Personal Reflection

This is by far my best piece in this project. I have put together all my good parts of other works and put it into one. The trees are in a random order which is something I struggled with a bit earlier. They arent completely separated, they are touching. I feel this really made the piece, it makes it look more natural and out-going. Also to complement that, I had some trees only have parts on the page which is realistic.
going forward, I hope to to maintain my good aspects and build upon them making it even better.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week one drawings

In the first week, we mainly focused on 2d drawing which was very able for me. I was able to do one dimensional drawings fairly easily. However, that wasn't the goal of week one. Mr. O helped me establish the skill of drawing 2d. AFter some practice I was able to do a decent job as you can see the paint can in the top picture. That was my best 2d drawing, done it ink. I could improve on line quality a lot, giving each line a different shade and size. I have a tendency to always press hard producing a dark line. Doing that, i cant show the lightening of my object.
     My second drawing I drew two peppers in ink. The 2d part of it wasn't that great but the lines were good and thoughtfull. I put a lot of work into each line which was hard for me. Usually I rush through each line. I enjoy drawing vegetables because of their interior and exterior contour lines. I do find it hard to spend a lot of time on one pepper because the pepper was relatively smooth.
     Overall, i enjoyed drawing these objects in ink. It gave me the opportunity to work with different materials and expand my art abilities.