Thursday, February 28, 2013

Final Pieces

Material :     Throughout the process and the making of my masterpieces, I learned a lot. I learned that acrylic paint was not the way to blend colors. I didn't have as much control over the paint either. But with the pastels I could blend them and have complete control.

Process:   I started off using pastels on small pieces of paper, not really knowing how to be Rothko, just drawing shapes. However, as I started to study Rothko, I made many observations and tried to take it to my work. Those observatiosn being the way the shapes came together and how the middle zone was a blend, the natural colors he used, the simplicity, the darker borders and how the colors were almost see through. Once I discovered this, I really got started and was able to make decent drafts. However, now i had to execute and actually do the work. I experimented with other matertials like paint, which I found to not work. Once I had my mind set on pastels I took notes on a lot of my good drafts and tried to take those good habits to the next one until I had put "everything" together. Once I finally thought I had it done I went for it. I choose a big canvas because that is whagt Rothko used and it will help convey emotions. I chose colors that were natural and went well together. Each of my final pieces took about a week or so. I would lay down the basic colors and shape then I would have to add more colors to the border and work on blending everything together into one.

Initial reactions from viewers:    Blocks are distinct but not. The blocks are visible but are blended in. Cool to look at when eyes are squinted. The colors are really good along with the execution.

Overall, i really liked this project, I had to dig deep and really show my best work. I like what Mark Rothko does and all the ways he does them.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


This is my second "final" draft. I have taken what I liked about my first one and displayed it into this one. Im giving each colored square an outline as the color gets lighter into the middle. I really like this as it gives the painting a deeper meaning. Also I made the colors closer together as they form this grey area in between that really appeals to the eye and brings together that middle area.
It is still not done yet, there are a couple areas that I don't like and need to patch up. Like the middle square, in the top right corner of it there is that ugly darker spot that I am going to eliminate.
Overall, everything is coming together nicely as I have improved tremendously.