Monday, April 15, 2013

In-process Printmaking

I am still trying to to master the art of print making right now, and am having some trouble. I want to put forward a really nice print where all lines have a nice dark color.
My actually etching is starting to work, it doesn't look as 2D- silhouette as it did before. I am struggling on the print-making process. I keep extracting too much paint from the surface and the lines. I need to be more patient and gently get the paint off the surface, not the lines. The image is starting to represent my intentions as the two men are starting to come together nicely and they are way more distinguished at this point. The two men are starting to represent my intensions. However, I don't want to make my men too big or too realistic because I want the pictures and logos to be bigger and more complex than the men. I have layered my plastic plate with multiple lines to try to bring out the men and what they represent. Every line contributes to his image. The more prints I do the better understanding I will get for the press. I will see what techniques and ways work better and will results in a better print. Rubbing too hard takes the oil out of the lines so use a circular motion very carefully.
I don't need to clarify my intensions with anyone, I have briefly talked to Mr. O and I have my final goal and piece in mind and am getting closer everyday. I am almost done and might need help on putting my print with the logos.
Daily Tasks: Print a lot and try to understand the printing press as much as possible. The more trails the better. WHat works, what doesn't. Try to make the logos bigger than the persons.

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