Friday, May 17, 2013

Intensions for the Landscape Project

I have very high expectations for myself in this project. I intend to use oil paint and pencil to convey the differences between the library and the trees behind it. Sitting near the big oak on the hill looking at the library, there is a building encircled by trees. I choose to have a building in the picture because not only is it part of landscape but it will test all my art abilities. The geometric lines in the building to the abstract brushstrokes of the trees. This material difference will really highlight the different components of the picture from building to nature.  I wanted a building in my landscape piece because now a days building are everywhere. Not many places don't have buildings, saying that I want to be realistic and have buildings. I think i would be leaving out a very important part of "landscape" if i didn't have an type of architecture in it. With the different materials, nature and the building with be easily distinguished and there won't be any confusion.

Landscape; all the visible features of an area of countryside or land

If i didn't use a building then i would be missing a part of landscape. 

I am currently in the process of mastering the art of painting trees with oil paints.
Once that is mastered, I will draw the outline of the building on the paper. 
I will tape the outline and paint the trees around it, the tape will make the image look really clean. 
Then after the painting is complete, I will use pencil to do the interior lines on the building. 

This is a great example of both architecture and nature coming together. There a lot of nice colors and foreground and background. 

This is another great example of buildings hidden in nature. The trees almost eat the building. I really like this look with all the different colors from nature and the building.

This is the image I will be doing, the branson library is tussled between trees. Expressing depth perception will be very challenging. The big tree in the background has amazing interior lines and will be very nice to paint as the building is very geometric and has many different angles. 

This is nature, not landscape. I don't want this unrealistic image of something I would never see in Marin. Buildings are everywhere.

Just having a building would be architecture not landscape.

To prove my point it is necesary to notice that is is important to have both architecture and nature to fully draw landscape. Both are very crucial and thats why i am choosing to have both in my piece.

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