Friday, May 31, 2013


1.  (re) state you intentions for this work.  Include how you addressed the theme of landscape.  Define how your work is representative of your "artistic voice".  Explain what formal and aesthetic decisions you made to express your intentions.
My intensions for this work was to show all types of landscape. I originally thought landscape only included nature. However, during the process I discovered that architecture and buildings are also part of landscape. Especially this time in humanity as everything is so developed and building and sky scrapers are very common. My intensions were to isolate the architecture and nature in my picture. I did this using different materials. Nature is painted in with oil paints as the architecture is colorless with pencil interior lines. In the end, I really liked the way everything turned out. The two materials are really distinguished. My artistic voice matches my normal habits of mind as I used a lot of different colors and brushstrokes to paint the tress. That is something I have thrived to do this whole year. In the start of the year, I was really bad at interior lines and meaningful brushstrokes. Since then I have aspired to make all my brushstrokes count and really see the inside of an object and draw exactly what I see. 
2.  Provide us with a list some of the words/phrases provided to you in the discussion session.  To what degree does this feedback supply you with the feeling of having successfully communicated your intentions?  What words/phrases resonate with you most and why? I wanted the trees to be seen as breezy because it was windy when I painted them and a peer said, "Breezy chaotic at a serene place," which is what my intensions were. Also they said, "Brushstrokes are expressive in tree," which is what some of my intensions were. The feedback I received made me feel successful because they matched my intensions. Someone else said, "The 3d 2D comparison bring you into the scene." The trees are more 2 dimension looking as the building is 3d. This difference really separates nature from the architecture. 
3.  In the area of "develop craft" how did you improve as an artist through this project?  Does this project fully represent your overall technical and formal development achieved this year?  How, or why not?
 Like I said before, I really worked on my interior lines and they are very good here. I also worked on painting holding the end of the brush so I am painting more freely and expressively. I developed a good sense of architecture and how parallel work. I also really thrived to draw things more 3d which is seen the the building. There is obviously still room for improvement but it is way better then before. i also learned to work really efficiently because I missed a lot of school. I had to get to class and get to work which was really good and helped me finish on time. I also learned to draw what I see. Sometimes I didn't even look at the paper when I was painting. I was looking at the object. I was never able to do this before. 

4.  Did you fully "stretch and explore" in a manner that led you to novel representations of your intentions?  In what ways may you have pushed yourself further in this regard? I stretched and explored by using two different materials in one piece. I thought I couldn't do it because the building is between the tress and bushes. I was able to do it correctly and it looks realistic. I pushed myself to use two different materials and see explored to see how they came together. 
In the end I really enjoyed this project because I got to look at architecture which is something I wanted to do the whole year. I truly believe this is one of my best pieces all because I tried to stretch and use two materials to help convey my intensions of separating nature from architecture. 

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